Choose your game

Select a treasure hunt from available games like Melbourne, or world landmarks. Maybe build your own game in future releases of this app.

Solve clues

Answer clues to be transported to various locations on the map to complete your scavenger hunt.

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Gather treasure

Gather treasure chests, bags of gold and rubies to win points, you are a winner if you uncover all treasure.

About this Online Treasure Hunt ...

This app is an online treasure hunt that you can play from the comfort of your seat while journeying the world via maps. This application has been built with the stack - mongoDB, express and node, with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Javascript. And of course - Google Maps API!

mongoDB, express and node

Contact me at ...

email: - Feedback and suggestions are welcome. If you need to add a game, email me clues and answers and I shall add the game. This until the next release when you can build your own game online.

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